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Achim Lippoth was born in Ilshofen, Germany. He is a photographer as well as a commercial video director. Childhood is a central topic. His works are regularly exhibited and win awards. Achim Lippoth is also founder and editor of “kid's wear magazine”.

The art of Achim is raw, powerful and emotional, he likes to show different facets which are edgy, playful, funny, sad, melancholic, and more. He creates images that make you smile at first, and make you think after.

“Photography, in my view, is like a child – it's fast and ever-growing, that’s why I always work on a variety of subjects; to prevent my production from falling into the same pattern” Achim.

Achim’s fashion regular clients are Diesel, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Old Navy, Levis, Escada, Calvin Klein, Zara to name a few. Achim also creates stories for Vogue, Wallpaper, New York Times, GQ, amongst many others. Food clients include Mcdonalds, coca-cola , oreo, findus, lipton, mars, etc. Achim’s commercial clients are ikea, bosh, bnp paribas, nokia, mastercard, nivea, rowenta and many more.

“攝影,對我來說,就像一個孩子 – 總是快速改變而且不斷地成長。”


Achim定居於德國和亞洲之間。時裝客戶包括Diesel, Marc Jacobs, Moschino, Old Navy, Levis, Escada, Calvin Klein, Zara。食品客戶包括麥當勞,可口可樂,OREO, MARS,等等。商業客戶是宜家, 法國巴黎銀行,諾基亞,萬事達卡,妮維雅,ROWENTA等等。